Welcome to the Aurora Daycare Center in Aylmer

We offer a quality service children from 6 months to 5 years old. Our mission is to provide affordable quality care to the surrounding community that continually meets the developmental needs of every child and family.

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About us and the daycare

Our daycare’s philosophy is “love”. Every child will feel be loved in our daycare. We will promote their well-being and self-esteem to keep their confidence in the future. Kids will learn by their interests. We will promote their intellectual, physical, social, psychomotor, emotional developments and searching their talents (every child has special talent).

Our education programme

We provide a program that is flexible & play- based with activities that are developmentally appropriate. The goal of the program is to provide maximum opportunity for each child to develop their potential in all areas. Educators plan their programs in accordance with the developmental level of the children in the group and seek to expand on interests of individual children and the group as a whole. Children are encouraged to make personal choices during their day with regards to activities and playmates.

    Opening hours

    7H - 18H LUN - VEN

    Our daycare

    82, chemin Vanier,
    Gatineau J9H 1X3

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